BVV Triple Twister Rosin Press - Triple Heat

BVV Triple Twister Rosin Press - Triple Heat


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1500 Psi.

This is the BVV Triple Twister Rosin Press with touch screen controller and TRIPLE heated aluminum billet plates with a temperature range of RT to 482°F. This press is easily programmable and has a countdown timer when the plates are engaged for consistent pressing of material with a pressure rating up to 2500lbs and can be securely bolted to a table top.

Safety Information: Carefully read all warnings and instructions, and inspect the unit for damage prior to use. Do not use if the unit appears damaged, bent, warped, cracked, or otherwise unsafe for operation.

    • Warning! Shock Hazard. Do not open or modify electrical equipment. No user serviceable parts.
    • Warning! Crush/Pring Hazard. Keep hands clear of the pressing plates.
    • Warning!: Plates May be hot!

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