HOSS Glass - 16" 18mm Stemless Triple Inline Bong with Colored Accents - $160

Hoss Glass

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  • Height:  16" Inches / 400mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Female Joint
  • Tube Diameter:  45mm
  • Thickness:  7mm

Cyclone Disk Stemless.  This stemless full-piece waterpipe is a convenient size and utilises a cyclone disk percolator to diffuse and filter smoke effectively.  It does not require a downstem and has a low ice catch to enable the use of ice cubes to make inhalation smoother.  The 19mm color cone bowl matches the bong's color accents giving it a great aesthetic appeal. 



(1) H142B - 16" Cyclone Disk  w/ Color Accents

(1) YX12AP - 19mm Bowl