HOSS Bong Holey Beaker with Colored Top (18") with Carry Case

Hoss Glass

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  • Height:  18" Inches / 450mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Female
  • Thickness: 5mm

This piece comes with a new Hoss Glass carry-case and extra parts!

The Holey Beaker.  This 18" beaker bong embodies a traditional beaker shape, but has a whole new unique look.  A grid-style diffuser attached to the base supports an inner section that has holes that pass through it.  It does not require a downstem, and comes in a range of six colors. 


(1) H149 - Holey Beaker with Colored Top

(1) YX12P - 19mm Cone Bowl

(1) YX21C - Super Thick Bowl

(1) Q005 - Quartz Banger

(1) Carry Case Box

Colors Available: Jade Green

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