7mm Mini Perc with Color Reversal

Hoss Glass

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    • Height:  10.5" Inches / 265mm
    • Joint Size:  19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
    • Stem Length:  4" Inches / 10cm
    • Tube Diameter:  32mm

    Mini percolator with colour reversal.  This piece is compact and super functional.  With a colourful middle percolator, and a unique bell shape, this little bong is like no other.  It's convenient and allows for super smooth hits.



    (1) Y307 - Mini Beaker w/ Color Reversal Dome Perc

    (1) YX10 - 4" / 10cm Downstem Diffuser

    (1) YX12P - 14mm Bowl

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