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Innokin Coolfire IV TC 18650 Full Kit (w/ iSub V Tank)

For years now, the vaping industry has seen a relentless and ongoing race between manufacturers to introduce new, improved, and technologically advanced devices. Innokin has certainly thrown a winner into the mix with the spectacular Coolfire IV TC 18650 iSub V Kit. This setup is beautiful, compact, powerful, and nothing short of magnificent. The marriage between the Innokin Coolfire IV TC Box MOD and the Innokin iSub V Tank is truly a match made in heaven, and sure to please even the most particular of vapers.


Innokin Coolfire IV TC-18650 Box MOD:

The power and brains behind the Innokin Coolfire IV TC 18650 iSub V Kit is the remarkable Coolfire Plus IV TC Box MOD. It is the perfect balance of muscle, vigor, intelligence, and beauty, which collectively produce a sensational vaping experience. Compact, yet powerful, the Innokin Coolfire Plus IV TC MOD is comfortable to hold and is extremely capable of handling whatever you throw its way.

The Innokin Coolfire IV TC 18650 MOD is powered by an external 18650 battery (sold separately). This device requires an external charger (sold separately) and does NOT feature a micro USB charging port on the device.  The ability to remove, swap, and replace the device’s battery when needed is exceptionally handy, as it enables you to carry charged spares with you in case the one in use dies. Moreover, since all rechargeable batteries contain a limited lifespan, the capability of replacing it once it can no longer hold a charge spares you the expense of having the replace the device entirely. Rather, you can simply replace the battery, which is a substantially less costly option.

On the exterior, the Innokin Coolfire IV TC Box MOD is a genuinely attractive device. Available in three stunning color combinations, this masterpiece is designed with elegant curves that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but exceptionally ergonomic as well. You can comfortably hold and use this stylish MOD throughout the day with ease. Innokin’s attention to detail is astonishing, as each and every crevice of the Coolfire 4 TC has been artfully designed, thereby creating an overall classy and modern look.

The Innokin Coolfire IV TC MOD is a variable wattage and variable voltage device. The wattage can be adjusted from a low 6W to an impressive 75W in 0.5W increments. The voltage can also be regulated from 2V to 7.5V by simply pressing the “+” and “-” buttons located on the face of the device. With this vast spectrum of available power output, you can use your Coolfire 4 TC Box MOD with virtually any resistance atomizer coil you wish. In fact, it can accommodate resistances as low as 0.1 ohms and as high as 3.0 ohms. This makes the Innokin Coolfire IV TC Box MOD perfect for sub-ohm vapers and standard resistance vapers alike.

In line with the cutting-edge and technologically-advanced nature of the Innokin Coolfire Plus 4 TC MOD is its temperature control, sensing, and limiting capacity. When the device is paired with an atomizer coil made with stainless steel, titanium, or nickel wire, you are afforded the ability to accurately regulate and set the temperature of the atomizer coil. This not only provides you with the capacity to control the temperature of the vapor, but also virtually eliminates dry and burnt hits as well.

The face of the Innokin Coolfire IV TC Box MOD is cleverly equipped with a high-quality OLED screen, which is not only functional, but also adds to the aesthetic appearance of the device as well. The OLED screen displays an array of useful information that will help you easily operate and monitor it while in use. The Coolfire 4 TC’s screen clearly exhibits the resistance of the atomizer coil, the remaining battery life, the output wattage, the output voltage, the duration of your puff, and any error messages that may arise during use. This fantastic amount of information at your fingertips makes using the Innokin Coolfire IV TC Box MOD a breeze.

The top of the Innokin Coolfire IV TC MOD is furnished with a stainless steel 510-thread connector, which houses the self-adjusting, spring-loaded center pin. This is an important feature, as the pin will adjust according to the length of the tank’s thread, thereby allowing the Coolfire 4 TC to accommodate virtually any 510-threaded tank.


Innokin iSub V Tank:

The Innokin Coolfire IV TC-18650 iSub V Kit is also equipped with the spectacular iSub V Tank. Joined with the Coolfire 4 TC Box MOD, this clearomizer will offer you incredible vapor production, and exceptionally tasty flavor as well. The iSub V Tank is designed to seamlessly match the Coolfire IV TC MOD, regardless of the color combination you choose.

The Innokin iSub V Tank is meticulously constructed using high-grade 304 stainless steel. An austenite alloy, 304 stainless steel is carefully blended with a unique combination of chromium, manganese, and nickel metals. This distinctive alloy assortment provides for a rust and corrosion resistant metal that is both durable and lightweight, while also providing for a brilliant finish as well.

The Innokin iSub V Tank’s 3ml e-juice tank component is manufactured with high-quality Pyrex glass. Although often overlooked, the use of glass over plastic substantially adds to the quality of the vapor that is produced, while protecting your tank from deterioration due to the acidity found in e-liquid. Without plastic slowly eroding into the ejuice, you will experience a much cleaner and truer flavor when compared to plastic tanks.

One of the most innovative and impressive aspects of the Innokin iSub V Tank is its exclusive “No Spill Coil Swap System.” This groundbreaking design permits you to effortlessly remove and replace the tanks atomizer coil by separating its two halves, rather than being forced to unscrew the base, as is the case with the majority of tanks on the market. This is not only a wonderful feature due to its convenience, but also helps abolish spilling and leaking when changing your coil as well.

Innokin brilliantly engineered the iSub V Tank so that all of the various parts and components can be disassembled easily and swiftly. The ability to separate all of the tank’s sections is extremely useful for maintaining and cleaning the iSub V. Rather than being forced to use small tools to reach each and every crevice, you can access the various nooks and crannies for easy and comprehensive cleaning. Moreover, the ability to remove the tank’s included mouthpiece allows you to alternate between virtually any 510 drip tip you choose. This will allow you to customize the look and feel of your device, which is particularly nice for those who do not enjoy using metal mouthpieces.

The Innokin iSub V Tank is equipped with a remarkable dual-airflow adjustment valve, which substantially adds to the overall quality of the vapor produced. The airflow valve is designed to allow for accurate control of the tank’s air intake. You can minimize or maximize the amount of air that is drawn in when taking a drag based on your personal preference. This is not only a wonderful feature, as it allows you to customize your vaping experience, but is also useful in helping to eliminate flooding and gurgling as well.

Additionally, the iSub V Tank’s airflow control valve features Innokin’s proprietary Prism Flavor Plus system. The Prism Convection Airflow System circulates and channels the air that is pulled in the tank through the vaporizer coils and heated out chamber, thereby considerably intensifying the flavor production. You will notice a much more robust and rich taste than other tanks you have tried due to this revolutionary design.

Another incredible feature of the Innokin iSub V Tank is its incredible Solid Spin Top-Fill System. Whereas the majority of tanks on the market require you to remove the tank from the battery, unscrew the base, then put everything back together when you need to refill it with e-juice, the iSub V Tank’s top-fill design permits you to conveniently fill your tank through the available slot located at the top of the device. This markedly reduces the hassle of refilling the tank, and therefore eliminates one of the most burdensome aspects of vaping. It is truly a brilliant design.

From the stunning aesthetic design, to its magnificent performance, the Coolfire IV TC-18650 iSub V Kit represents one of the very best kits available today. Regardless of your level of expertise, you will surely be satisfied with the vaping experience offered by the Coolfire IV TC-18650 iSub V Kit.

Note: Battery Sold Separately

Note: This Device Requires an External Charger


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