Magic Flight - Launch Box Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

Magic Flight

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The MAPLE CLASSIC LAUNCH BOX  is exclusively designed to extract the essence of dried herbal material and plant medicine for your benefit and well being. The LAUNCH BOX's patented technology and pure stainless steel screen is constructed from a solid piece of hardwood, hand-crafted by our talented team of artisans, finished with a food grade mineral oil, and topped with a durable acrylic swivel lid that snaps in place to keep your trench loaded and ready to go.

RENEWABLE, GREEN, SUSTAINABLE  ~  NO solder, NO heavy metals, NO off-gassing  ~ CLEAN & SIMPLE

The MAPLE CLASSIC LAUNCH BOX leverages the medicinal properties of the plant kingdom in the palm of your hand! he LAUNCH BOX is durable and reliable providing an EFFECTIVE, ROBUST experience. Built to last, years to a decade later, many fellow LAUNCHERs say their BOX is still going strong. 

  • Simply fill the trench with your favorite finely ground herbal material. 
  • Pop the battery into the side, in 3-5 seconds you're ready to LAUNCH. 
  • Sip slow and easy.. you'll taste the clean, pure experience.


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