Boundless Technology - CF Hybrid Vaporizer


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The Boundless CF Hybrid is a vaporizer that generates vapor from dry herbs, wax, liquid oils and concentrates. However you prefer your herb, the CF Hybrid is here to serve.

With a simple push of the button, you can select the exact temperature you desire. Also, the power of the vaporizer can be modulated, which determines the amount of Watts used. It’s possible to switch the meter from Celsius to Fahrenheit, if one wishes to do so.

The air path is isolated, which allows the toker to experience true flavor. The Boundless CF Hybrid comprises a solid ceramic heating chamber and an OLED display on the side. The 360° rotating mouthpiece makes this piece a convenient one.

The dimensions of the device are 95 x 60 x 30mm.

Included in delivery:
The Boundless CF Hybrid comes together with a BNDLS 18650 Lithium-Ion battery, a cleaning brush, a dabber tool, and chamber screens. The vaporizer has a 510 thread box on one side, for the connection of a liquid tank for vaporizing oils and liquids.

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