BVV (Best Value Vacs) - Activated Alumina ( NSF 61 certified )

BVV (Best Value Vacs) - Activated Alumina ( NSF 61 certified )


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Activated Alumina

Activated Alumina also known as aluminum oxide is one of the most adaptable sorbents for preparative flash and column chromatography.  NSF 61 certified & Made in USA, Purity: <=100%. Based on 8% loss on Ignition.  

Activated Alumina SDS Sheet


Key Uses:

  • Purification of natural products & herbals
  • As a supportive agent in aromatice chromatography Dehydration of organic solvents.
  • Dehydration of organic solvents.
  • Removal of water from non-polar solvents
  • NSF 61 Certified: Guaranteed the product is free of harmful chemicals, and can be used in systems that humans come into contact consuming. Lot certificates can be available per request. 
Chemical composition (%)
Al2O3  92
Na2O  0.35
SiO2 0.03
LOI (1000ºC)  8.0
Total pore volume, cc/g 0.52 0.52
Surface area, m2/g  380

Note: Container style and color may vary. Product is sold by weight which may result in container not being full.


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