BVV (Best Value Vacs) - Color Bleach for Edible Oils *FDA & NSF Certified Material (Compares to T-41™)

BVV (Best Value Vacs) - Color Bleach for Edible Oils *FDA & NSF Certified Material (Compares to T-41™)


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BVV™ Color Bleaching Clay

This product is similar to T-41, as it is an Acid Activated Bentonite Clay for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils.

BVV™ Color Bleach is a filtration aid used in refining and increasing the purity and clarity of the final product. The BVV™ Clay Bleach is composed of a 10:1 ratio of Pure-Flo® Perform 6000 and BVV™ T-1 Hardwood Activated Carbon. This product is 100% made in the USA, and the components are FDA-GRAS and NSF Certified.  

This bleaching clay not only improves the purity and clarity of the end product, it also improves the color and clarity. This is a strong acid-activated media and the acid will be critical in removing red, purple, and blue pigments known as Anthocyanins. This media can be used in a Color Remediation Column, or between Short Path Distillation runs with a Hot Scrub, to make your distilled oil clean and more clear. 

Key features of Color Bleach for Edible Oils:

• Excellent metals adsorption characteristics (P, Ca, Fe, Mg, Ni, etc.)• Outstanding color, and chlorophyll removal from oil. • Removes soaps and phospholipids• Enhanced removal of chlorophyll from added Hardwood Carbon.• Fast filtering characteristics, including long filtration cycles and lesspressure build-up at cycle end.

pH: 3.0

FDA: GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) -  This product is safe for processing food, as long as its not part of the end product being consumed. 

NSF: HACCP *Prior to down packing this product was certified Kosher & Hallal. It does not retain its certifications after down packing, BVV™ doesn't have an on-staff Rabbi or Imam on-site to re-establish religious certifications for this product.



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