BVV (Best Value Vacs) - 4A Molecular Sieve

BVV (Best Value Vacs) - 4A Molecular Sieve


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4A Molecular Sieve

This bag contains both blue moisture indicating molecular sieve and also normal molecular sieve. The blue molecular sieve is a sodium alumina silicate molecular sieve impregnated with an inorganic metal salt moisture indicator. The desiccant will perform as a 4a molecular sieve plus with the additional ability to visually determine when the molecular sieve reaches saturation. When active, the molecular sieve beads are blue, as the beads reach saturation the color changes to beige indicating that the molecular sieve has reached equilibrium capacity and is in need of replacement. While the white molecular sieve is an alkali alumino-silicate in the spherical form. It is the sodium form of the Type A crystal structure with an effective pore opening of approximately 4A. It will adsorb molecules such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and straight chain hydrocarbons. Aromatics and branched chain hydrocarbons will not be absorbed.

Key Features:

    • Natural Gas Drying
    • The desiccant is known to act as a molecular sieve with the bonus ability to tell visually when the molecular sieve achieves saturation
    • A sodium alumina silicate molecular sieve with inorganic metal salt moisture indicator
    • Dehydration of highly polar compounds, such as methanol and ethanol
    • More efficient than older silica gel and alumina desiccants
    • Crystalline composition
    • Ease of Use



    • Type: 4A
    • Bead Size: 4mm
    • Includes Blue moisture indicating beads
    • Nominal Pore Opening: 4 Angstroms
    • Equilibrium Water Capacity @ 25°C: >= 22% Weight
    • Heat of Adsorption: 1800 BTU/lb of H2O
    • Note: All sizes will come in 2lb packs. (i.e. 10lbs with come with 5x 2lb packs.)

Size Recommendations:

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