BVV Easy Swing V3 Rosin Press - Dual Heat

BVV Easy Swing V3 Rosin Press - Dual Heat


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The rosin heat press is designed to maximize the yield of rosin, applying intense pressure (within your desired heat setting) to extract the purest possible end product.

Safety Information: Carefully read all warnings and instructions, and inspect the unit for damage prior to use. Do not use if the unit appears damaged, bent, warped, cracked, or otherwise unsafe for operation.

    • Warning! Shock Hazard. Do not open or modify electrical equipment. No user serviceable parts.
    • Warning! Crush/Pring Hazard. Keep hands clear of the pressing plates.
    • Warning!: Plates May be hot!


Key Features

  • Digital temperature control 
  • Heating coils for quick heat up 
  • Micro processor precision heat and temperature gauge
  • Durable and user-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant baked-on paint
  • Lightweight for easy carry


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