Disorderly Conduction - 1030 Micro PeliNail

Disorderly Conduction - 1030 Micro PeliNail

Disorderly Conduction

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The Micro PeliNail 1030 is our most compact unit. Built inside an American made Micro 1030 Pelican Case, and available in a array of color options. The PeliNail is an electronic nail used for vaporizing concentrates and gives the user full control over setting a consistent temperature for optimal vaporization, without the use of, or need for, a butane torch.


(Kevlar Coil and Concentrate Nail SOLD SEPARATELY)



1 X Micro PeliNail 1030 Unit

1 X 6-foot Removable Black Power Cord


  Easy to use and precise push-button digital temperature control - no more guessing, no more timers, No more butane torches or open flames! Encased in the toughest case in the industry, the crushproof, water resistant, dustproof Pelican Case.5-pin Female XLR Port compatible with all Disorderly Conduction Coil sizes and styles as well as select D-Nail Coils, EZ Bake, ShatterBox and other compatible 5-pin XLR Coils (Coils sold separately)


2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on internal parts.

Interior Dimensions: 6.37" x 2.62" x 2.06" (16.2 x 6.7 x 5.2 cm)


All PeliNails are proudly designed, engineered, and manufactured in Orange County, California, USA

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