Embur - Cordless Electronic Lighter


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The Original Cordless Electronic Lighter.

A Healthier Alternative to Toxic Butane Lighters - Enjoy Smoking Without the Harsh Taste of Butane.

 Embur® patent pending technology is the first to combine quick and precise butane free heat without the use of flames or cords. Embur® is a rechargeable electronic lighter that rapidly produces heat through its custom designed ceramic heating element. Embur® ceramic tip will produce a consistent heat source that will last the duration of the battery’s charge. Because it produces heat electronically, The Embur® offers you a windproof and butane free source of ignition. Embur® is the original cordless electronic lighter, allowing you the full cordless freedom you’ve been seeking.

Some of Embur’s amazing features:

 - Fully Portable
 - Ceramic Heating Element
 - More than 1400 degrees of useable heat
 - Windproof
 - Lithium-Ion Battery

Includes: Embur Portable Lighter, Ceramic Heating Element Cover, 120 Volt Charger, Operating Manual,

and Box

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