Green Planet - Aussie Tonic Fertilizer - 10 L

Green Planet - Aussie Tonic Fertilizer - 10 L

Green Planet

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Aussie Tonic: What is it?

Aussie Tonic is a comprehensive blend of carefully selected vitamins and hormones designed to reduce plant stress whilst supporting essential functions.

The latest science has gone into the formulation to make sure the plant gets all of the support it needs making it the best anti stress product on the market.

How does it work?

Aussie Tonic contains a full compliment of B vitamins, vitamins A, C and D coupled with NAA. These all help to increase cellular activity and relieve shock and stress caused from over or under watering, excess heat, transplanting or heavy fruit or flower load.

Relieving stress from the plant during times of rapid growth or floral production has shown dramatic increases both in yield and in quality.

Why it works?

Aussie Tonic works because it contains the following:

ABSCORBIC ACID- This is an important component of Aussie Tonic for many reasons. AA has shown the ability to be a powerful antioxidant that protects the plant from harmful rays from the sun or artificial lighting while increasing the plants ability to convert light energy into carbohydrates.

Abscorbic acid is an important factor in rapid cell expansion and is critical for a huge yield. AA dramatically increases resin production and flow of essential fluids throughout the plant.

VITAMIN B1 OR THIAMINE– has long been used as a stress reliever. B1 helps reduce the stresses from rapid cell growth, environmental stress, heavy fruit loads or dense heavy flowers. B1 helps regenerate new roots helping to pull up more nutrients in support of rapid growth.

VITAMIN B2 OR RIBOFLAVIN– Is an important co-enzyme to specialised enzymes responsible for protection against environmental stresses and pathogens and insects. Increased levels of B2 have shown higher growth rates and increased yields.

VITAMIN B6 OR PYRODOXINE– is an essential co-enzyme for numerous metabolic enzymes and is a protein antioxidant. It is shown to be critical for plant growth and development. B6 plays a role in stress tolerance and a photoprotection role in plants.

VITAMIN B12 OR COBALAMINE– functions as a co-enzyme for many other enzymes and plays a support role.

NAPTHALELEACETIC ACID OR NAA– is a synthetic auxin used to stimulate lateral and adventitious roots. NAA is very stable and is non toxic unlike IBA which is rumoured to be cancer causing. Of the many rooting hormones available NAA appears to perform the best.

VITAMIN D3– research has shown the D3 in Aussie Tonic encourages adventitious root growth. D3 displays a hormone like response and allows all of the other components to work in harmony.

Key Points

  • Complex B vitamin formulation
  • Highly concentrated
  • Helps accelerate growth
  • Supports heavy fruit and flower formation
  • Relieves plants of stress
  • Promotes rapid root growth
  • Increases resin production
  • Increases carbohydrate transport
  • Extremely cost effective

How to use it?

Aussie Tonic can be used throughout the life of the plant. The only time you should not use Aussie Tonic is during the first two weeks of flower and when you in fact want stress to trigger the flowering stage faster once flowers are starting to form you can resume use. Use at the recommended rate suggested on the label or by consulting with the ultimate feeding chart.


Using Aussie Tonic at the following rates

Cuttings/Seedlings – 0.5ml-1ml per litre
Vegetative Growth – 1-2ml per litre
Active Flowering – 1.5ml-2ml per litre

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