Green Planet - GPF Uptake Fertilizer - 4 L

Green Planet - GPF Uptake Fertilizer - 4 L

Green Planet

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GPF Uptake: What is it?

GPF uptake is a premium liquid fulvic acid or lower molecular weight humic acid that plays a vital role as a chelator of essential minerals and organic compounds allowing them to pass through cell membranes much more efficiently. Fulvic acid stimulates enzyme production critical for plant functions as welll as increases chlorophyll content and the rate of respiration. One of the most important functions of GPF is its ability to transport vita yield enhancers and nutrients to where they are needed most. Fulvic acid also acts as a buffer against rapid pH shifts in nutrient solutions as it has a stabilising action.

Humic acid is a larger molecule with fulvic acid being a smaller function of it. All humic acid contains fulvic acid but varies in qyantity adn quality by its source. GPF is sourced from Humalite which has proven to be the most beneficial humic source for agriculture.

Fulvic acid is separated from humic acid using various methods leaving behind a much smaller bioavailable molecule that can be transported directly into plant tissues. GPF fulvic acid is an essential component in any garden and can be added to any nutrient regime as well as being foliar sprayed.

Fulvic acid increases the permeability of membranes making nutrients and other growth substances more avialble. GPF increases enzyme function and chlorophyll content. It is important to note that the similarities of humic and fulvic acid are vast because fulvic acid is a component of humic acid. Everything grows better with GPF Uptake and can be used in any type of garden especially hydroponics. Works fantastic as a foliar spray increasing resin content.

Why it Works?

GPF Uptake works because it is the most bioavailable humic source available for agriculture on the market today. The compounds found within the humic substances have proven to increase yields and improve quality.

What is in it?

Premium sourced fulvic acid derived from Humalite.

Key Points

  •  Increases essential oil content
  • Transports vital nutrients
  • Increases chlorophyll content
  • Increases the rate of transpiration
  • Increases enzyme acitivity
  • Elicits hormone like responses
  • Allows carbohydrates to be more easily absorbed
  • Increases yields
  • Makes plants more resinous
  • Helps stabilise against rapid pH shifts

How to use it?

GPF Uptake can be used throughout the vegetative and early flowering stage if added into the nutrient tank, stop using GPF in the last 3 weeks of flower. This only applies if root feeding and so you can still foliar spray using GPF right up to the last week of flowering stage.


5mls or 1tsp/gallon of nutrient solution

GPF can also be applied as a foliar spray at a rate of 5mls or 1 tsp/litre sprayed lightly as a mist once or twice a week throughout flowering.


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