Hoss Bong - 38mm Diameter Colored Straight Tube (16") COLORS AVAILABLE H071 - $159

Hoss Glass

  • Unit price per 

  • Height:  16" Inches / 400mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
  • Stem Length:  4.75" Inches / 12cm
  • Thickness:  5mm

38mm Diameter Colored Straight Tube.  This  straight tube is simple and elegant with a smaller upper tube diameter.  This gives it a slightly different aesthetic from our H065 Colored Straight Tube, and requires less inhalation to clear the piece of smoke.  This design sports a colored Hoss Glass logo with platinum outline.


(1) H071 - 16"  38mm Diameter Colored Straight Tube

(1) YX10C - 4.75" / 12cm Colored Downstem

(1) YX12AP - 14mm Bowl


Colors: Green x3, Blue, Pink

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