HOSS Glass - 14" 7mm Thick Clear Beaker Bong - Colors Available - H163 - $170

Hoss Glass

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  • Height:  14" Inches / 350mm
  • Joint Size:  19mm Downstem Diffuser / 14mm Bowl
  • Stem Length:  5.5" Inches / 14cm
  • Tube Diameter:  50mm
  • Thickness:  7mm

This piece comes with a new Hoss Glass carry-case!

This Beaker is much like our traditional beaker bongs, but has been updated to to be thicker all-around including a 10mm bottom, a thick joint, and 7mm glass wall thickness.  It also has an updated ice-catch to make it look more streamlined and modern.  This beefy beaker is super reliable, and provides a great smoking experience.


(1) H163 - 7mm Thick Joint Beaker 

(1) YX10 - 5.5" / 14cm Downstem 

(1) YX12 - 14mm Cone Bowl

(1) Hoss Glass Carry Case

Colors available:

Red (x2), Black (x2) Green

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