Knotty Boy - Ultimate Detangler - 500ml

Knotty Boy - Ultimate Detangler - 500ml

Knotty Boy

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Tangles taking the thrill out of tub-time?  Snarls have you seeing red?  Fear knot!  Knotty Boy Natural Essentials for Every Body! Ultimate Detangler is the solution to your worst bad-hair days, for maximum hair detangling and conditioning.

  • Removes tangles and knots, easily and all naturally
  • Smooths rough split ends
  • Slippery, mild, tropical-scented formula
  • Gentle formula, excellent for use on children for gentle detangling
  • Provides light curl definition and wash-out or leave-in control
  • Not intended for use on dreadlocks

Please Note:  this product is not intended for dreadlock or severe trauma-tangle removal.