Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - All You Need To Grow - 2 lbs

Magic Mushroom Grow Kit - All You Need To Grow - 2 lbs

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Introducing the Magic Mushroom Kit!

We are stoked to introduce the newest and easiest of our Magic Mushroom kits -an all-in-one magic mushroom kit that does the work for you.

The kit is the only mushroom kit of its kind on the market - using organic ingredients, this Cubensis mushroom kit provides fresh mycelium mushroom spawn in a ready to grow format. You can get straight to growing and be rewarded with organic, medicinal magic mushrooms from home!

This one is our newest and easiest kit yet. You wanted a magic mushroom kit that was easier to grow? We've done it! After careful research and development, we are proud to present it -the best and easiest mushroom spawn kit on the market. It is the only magic mushroom kit that allows you to grow several big flushes of mushrooms by just adding water and mixing. With this kit you get straight to the fruiting process!

We've developed this kit to make the fun of mycology accessible to everyone - no experience necessary, no need for spore syringes or inoculations. Our kit is made fresh to order with the highest quality magic mushroom spawn and by doing the hard work for you - we fast track you to results! Your Magic Mushroom kit is ready to grow big mushrooms and produce prolific results!!

The Magic Mushroom kit is made with all natural organic ingredients, allowing you peace of mind for both medicinal and educational mycology projects.

Mycology has never been easier - you'll be rewarded with success every time! The Magic Mushroom kit is specifically designed to speed the fruiting process and make growing magic mushrooms easy and fun from the comfort of home.

How does the Magic Mushroom kit work?

Everything is in the box! By providing you with all the components necessary to grow magic mushrooms in a ready-to-go state, the Magic Mushroom kit gives you the best chance of success. You can grow mushrooms the easy way in just three steps - soak, mix, grow! The Magic Mushroom kit uses prepared substrate and fresh mycelium spawn to create a lush fruiting bed for your magic mushrooms to grow on. The Magic Mushroom kit can be used successfully by anyone - ideal for beginners and lots of fun for experts.

By designing the Magic Mushroom kit with the freshest, purest ingredients possible -including vital, high quality magic mushroom mycelium spawn - we take the guess work out of growing. No contamination, no delays - your kit is ready to grow several flushes of big mushrooms while you watch.

Follow the easy steps to assemble your Magic Mushroom kit, start growing right away and let the mushrooms work their magic. Anyone can do it - fuss free - for the best results! Get COCO LOCO!


The Magic Mushroom kit contains:

2L Freshly prepared organic magic mushroom spawn (Stropharia Cubensis Cuban)
(May ship in 1 large box or 2 small boxes.)
1 x Brick of organic coco substrate
1 x Bag pure, graded vermiculite
1 x Mixing pail
4 x Growing tray complete with dome bags
1 x Detailed instruction booklet

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