NugSmasher - XP 12 Ton Heat Press Machine - $2000

NugSmasher - XP 12 Ton Heat Press Machine - $2000


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The NugSmasher XP is another manually-operated rosin extraction system from your trusted brand, but larger and more equipped for higher commercial productions. Using its 6” x 4” Quad Heated Smash Plates and up to 12 tons of pressure capability, this NugSmasher can easily extract a maximum of 28 grams of rosin.

This awesome rosin press also offers consistency in production. Installed in its 82-pound solid steel body are the Accurate Pressure Gauge and Accurate Pressure Control, which will ensure that you’ll get the highest yield at every press. Whether you’re using 3.5-gram, 7-gram, or 14-gram bags, you can also trust that only the best quality rosin will be produced by this machine.

Just like all NugSmasher products, the robust NugSmasher XP is also backed with a Lifetime Warranty, which covers all components from top to bottom. Whether for personal or commercial use your purchase may be, this rosin press is guaranteed to serve you for a very long time.


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