Phantom CMH - 315w CMH T12 Reflector, Ballast & Bulb CMH (3100K)

Phantom CMH - 315w CMH T12 Reflector, Ballast & Bulb CMH (3100K)


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Hydrofarm's new Phantom CMh System combines our Phantom CMh reflector with the multi-voltage Phantom ceramic halide-specific digital ballast and the Philips double-jacketed Mastercolor 315W T12 ceramic metal halide lamp.

Ceramic metal halide technology represents a major advancement in HID evolution. These lamps provide high-quality growth spectrum, amazing PAR per watt performance, and extra energy in the ultraviolet range?which all contribute to increased crop quality. Excellent maintenance of PAR/PPF over long lamp life means great value and far longer re-lamping intervals.

High efficiency along with high intensity and cutting-edge performance make the Phantom CMh System a smart choice.

Excellent PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux)?1.95 µmols/s
Longevity?90% PAR output at 8,000 hours and 20,000-hour average life
Horticulturally-optimized spectrum and increased UV promote enhanced plant quality
3100K lamp included
Double jacketed lamp does not require reflector safety lens
Digital ballast features low frequency, square wave technology
Multi-voltage: 120/208/240V
Ideal for low ceilings/tents/vertical gardens
95% reflective European hammertone aluminum specular
Optional cooling kit (PHR3150CKT) available (includes a lens system and two 6" flanges)

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