Quick Cure Drying Rack

Quick Cure Drying Rack


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Quick Cure Drying Rack

If you'd like to be able to dry your entire harvest in the least amount of time possible, while at the same time protecting your plants leaves and valuable flowers from the value-killing hazards of drying

  • Fungus attacking your hard-earned work...
  • Rot invading your drying space...
  • Or dropping leaves and flowers onto the floor because of a poor layout...

In fact, here are at least 7 reasons why using our drying rack is the best choice you could make to dry your yields:

Reason No. 1:  The Perfect Size Rack For Any Size Room!

  • You can decide exactly how much or how little space you'd like to take to dry your harvest.
  • Because each rack comes in three detachable pieces of two drying sections each.
  • That means you have a total of six drying sections, each of which are 12.5” tall and 35” in diameter when fully assembled.
  • That way, you'll have plenty of space organized neatly to dry your produce.

What's more: if you're a grand master grower or need even more drying space because of a huge yield you're harvesting, you can easily clip on more sections of the drying racks with the common backpack type clip attachments you find everywhere.

Reason No. 2: Eliminate The Two Biggest Killers of Your Harvest!

You'll confidently dodge the two biggest threats to damp produce - fungus and rot - because these dry racks are made of an incredibly breathable mesh which allows stunningly quick drying and maximum ventilation for high-value plants like ours.

Which means you'll never lose another leaf or flower to these two insidious harvest killers!

Reason No. 3: Hang and Dry Your Harvest Almost Anywhere!

You can hang this thing from pretty much anywhere you'd like because of the hanging anchor system that comes with it.

Which means you can take this drying system with you quickly and easily if you ever need to travel, change harvesting locations, or need a mobile solution.

Speaking of mobile…

Reason No. 4: Easily Take Your Drying Operation Anywhere Because Our Rack is Completely Mobile!

You can store the entire system easily and quickly in convenient black fabric carry case.

This bag looks good and will match with other luggage, pretty much anywhere you put it.

And even better, you can fit it pretty much anywhere you like.

Reason No. 5: Never Drop Another Leaf or Bud Again!

You'll never have to worry about dropping a single leaf ever again.

Because each section has protective walls keeping your harvest neatly organized and safely placed until perfectly dry.

Reason No. 6: Your Rack Will Blend In Anywhere!

You can put these racks anywhere you like without them clashing with the room - because each one is colored a pleasant and subtle sage green.

Reason No. 7: Once You're Done, Your Rack Cleans and Dries Quickly!

Your dry rack will dry quickly itself, because of the intelligent design and breathe-easy material.

You can shake it off and pack it up about as soon as you like, anytime.

Plus, This Dry Rack Will Hold The BIGGEST Yields You Can Grow!

Because Advanced Nutrients is world renowned for helping growers like you maximize their plant cycles and get the biggest yields from their high-value plants.

That's why this advanced drying rack holds more than any other rack on the market – at least 75% to 125% more product - so you'll never find yourself with a yield too big to harvest at once!

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