Red Eye Tek Twist Straight Tube 15" TWIST STRAIGHT TUBE

Redeye Tek

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Have you ever seen a really tall person with microscopic feet? The answer is no, Mother Nature didn’t let that happen more than once because it was just a big, wobbly mess. That got really dark, but there’s a light at the end of your lighter because this tall guy has a sturdy base that’s sure to stand the test of natural selection. Oh, and it has a cool swirly pattern and a honeycomb perc for more filtration. Neat!


  •     Stemless straight tube
  •     Twisted pattern tubing
  •     Honeycomb perc for more filtration
  •     Signature diamond pull-out
  •     Flat mouthpiece
  •     Ice pinch
  •     Sturdy ‘cookie cutter’ base
  •     Clear polished joints
  •     For flower (mostly), trade the bowl for a banger to enjoy concentrates (we suggest the 19mm GEAR Premium Quartz Male 45° Banger)

Colors: Blue, Green, Champagne

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