The Whizz Kit

The Whizz Kit

Whizz Kit

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This gravity operated kit delivers toxin free urine samples through a rubber tube that is connected to the urine pack and held firmly against your body with a gentle, cotton belt. The urine can be easily released by releasing the two clips that block the urine from leaking from the urine pack.

Kit includes:

  • 100% cotton detachable elastic belt
  • Refillable urine pack (aka. bladder bag)
  • 60ml syringe
  • Two Organic Heat Pads
  • Easy to read temperature strip
  • Over 3oz of toxin and disease free premixed synthetic urine
  • Instruction manual

Tips - Remember to always ensure synthetic urine is kept at the correct temperature (37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit).  You can do this by:

  • Using the heating pads and temperature strips
  • Ensuring the sample is sealed correctly
  • It is being held against your skin using the Whizz Kit belt provided. If you are not using a urine belt, store synthetic urine, preferably, on your inner thigh.
  • Store urine sample against your skin until the testing.

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