TONKA CO2 GENERATOR (Available in 4 or 8 burners)

TONKA CO2 GENERATOR (Available in 4 or 8 burners)

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CO2 is what plants ‘breathe’ and so in a controlled environment such as an indoor garden supplementation is paramount. TONKA CO2 Generator’s have a simple yet effective design allowing them to outperform newer designs by years with nothing but simple scheduled maintenance.

 The TONKA 4 ($750) and 8 ($870) Burner CO2 Generator provides a CO2 rich environment for your plants to thrive while giving you the peace of mind that only our bombproof reliability can provide. Moisture resistant steel enclosures house a two stage safety pilot which removes the danger of fuel being released to the burner if pilot is unlit and even shuts off supply if tipping is detected. 

 TONKA Generators are available in propane or natural gas models but unlike most generators, you won't feel that burn in your wallet with pocket change running costs and the best value in CO2 Generation. 

 • Dual-solenoid valve system

• Precision engineered brass burners
• Pilot-less Solid state electronic ignition unit 
• Cut-off tip over switch 
• Unit shut down warning & LED indicator 
• Professional fabrication with the finest components 


• 4 or 8 pre-mounted brass burners

 • Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Versions 
• Dual solenoid valves
• 12' gas hose and pressure regulator
• 3 spare brass plugs to decrease CO2 production
• Hanging hardware kit
• 24V power supply

• Provides 11 cubic feet per hr of CO2 
• For spaces 14' x 14' and smaller

• Provides 22 cubic feet per hr of CO2
• For spaces larger than 14' x 14'

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