Tumble Now - Wooden Box Electric Dry Sift Machine

Tumble Now - Wooden Box Electric Dry Sift Machine


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Bubble Man's Tumble Now machine is an attractive and efficient machine for making dry sifted herbal extract of the highest purity.

The Tumble Now is constructed of top quality materials and the motor contains no plastic parts.

The Tumble Now is an electric powered, rotating, dry floral essence extractor with dual screen meshes. Features include a pull-out dry sift collection drawer and a double-hinged lid. The motor and wiring are fully enclosed and accessible through a vented access plate.

How it Works
Once the Tumble Now is switched on, the motor will rotate the mesh cylinder with the material placed inside. Herbal extract will sift through the 125 micron stainless steel mesh of the cylinder, and can be collected on the 70 micron flat screen frame, or further scraped through the screen onto the black acrylic collection plate below with the card provided.

Download Instructions
Click here to download the Tumble Now Instructions.

● Electrical 6 volt DC motor with AC-DC converter. The motor is guaranteed for a minimum of 1000 operating hours
● Cylinder Rotating Speed 36 RPM
● Capacity approximately 150 grams (5 ounces) of plant material can be processed at a time.
● Outside Dimensions (approximate) 18" x 11" x 11.25"

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