HOSS Glass - Ash Catcher w/ Removable 6-Arm 29mm to 18mm Colored Downstem - $75

Hoss Glass

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  • Height:  6″ Inches / 150mm
  • Joint Size:  14mm or 19mm Male Joint / 19mm Female
  • Stem Length:  4.75" Inches / 12cm

6 Arm Diffuser Ash Catcher.  This clear ash catcher comes with a colorful 6 arm downstem diffuser that effectively filters out ash that enters the unit.  It's a nice addition to all full-piece and Build-A-Bong setups, and helps to achieve smooth hits.


    (1) Y409 - Ash Catcher w/ 29mm Joint
      (1) YX26C-29 - 4.75" / 12cm  6 Arm Downstem Diffuser

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